Pest Control of Stockton provides quality pest service to assist with Stockton tick removal. We realize that ticks and fleas are a common nuisance to many homes and not just those with pets. However, if you do have pets and are experiencing a tick problem, it’s important that you treat your pet if you’re planning to have your home treated. Otherwise it is a waste of effort on both parties. You can call 209-451-5700 to learn more and schedule an appointment.


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Ticks are little arachnids which happen to be feeding parasites. Ticks eat on mammal’s blood and sometimes amphibians. Ticks spread a number of illnesses for example Lyme disease, Q fever, and various other diseases. Tick offspring might be contaminated at birth resulting in instant potential to infect the host.


The fact is that, tick bites are often pain-free, meaning they can often be difficult to detect. You will possibly not even know when the tick is feeding on you. Most people will not show symptoms from a tick bite. But this doesn’t mean that they’re not spreading disease.


If you are suffering from ticks call as soon as possible. We can treat your tick issues today! Contact Pest Control of Stockton for quality, affordable and efficient tick removal services.

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